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How It Works

Seeing a Black physician has never been easier than with the Black Barbershop Wellness app.

Unleashing The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Fight Health Disparities

The black barbershop physician network

How It Works

The Black Barbershop Wellness app is designed to bring culturally competent, affordable and accessible high quality health care. The app can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google Play Stores. All features related to COVID-19 are FREE. This includes COVID-19 screening, symptom tracking as well as vaccine consultation / education.
First, download the Black Barbershop Wellness app from the Apple of Google Play Stores. If you are a patient, register and complete the questionnaire. Providers will use the physician link to register.

For patients, you can request an appointment from any of the available healthcare providers. Additionally, you can use the remote vitals features by using either camera from any smart device or by simply placing your finger over the camera.

"Amina" is our symptom tracker. Ask Amina about your medical symptoms and she will provide a pre-diagnosis that can be shared with your healthcare provider or Black Barbershop Physician.

Now the doctor can come to you!

Join The Movement!

The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program is on a mission to screen and educate over 1 Million African Americans using the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to decrease the impact that health disparities is having on vulnerable and under-resourced populations. We need your help! Get in where you can be the most effective. Join The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program Movement today!


The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program Physician Network is seeking culturally competent healthcare providers to join the team.


We are seeking viable partnerships with fraternities, sororities, academic institutions as well as corporate entities.


The Black Barbershop is seeking to partner with barbers and barbershops across the country.